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Eagle Pharmacy has been serving the compounding community for over nine years. Eagle Pharmacy underwent rigorous drug quality testing procedures in order to become a 503b registered outsourcing facility under The Drug Quality and Security Act. The Pharmacy complies with all Current Good Manufacturing Practice requirements, inspections by FDA according to a risk-based schedule, and meets all conditions set forth by the FDA. The law defines an “outsourcing facility” as a facility at one geographic location or address that is engaged in the compounding of sterile drugs; has elected to register as an outsourcing facility; and complies with all of the requirements of section 503B. If compounders register with the FDA as outsourcing facilities, hospitals and other health care providers can provide their patients with drugs that were compounded in 503B outsourcing facilities that are subject to Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) requirements and federal oversight.”   - FDA.gov


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503b Outsourcing

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